Just a FEW of the emails we've received...

"A few years back, you sold me one of your rebuilt Alliance HD-73 rotor and controls. I'm happy to report it is still going strong and I am quite pleased with it..." Joel W1ZR - QST's "the doctor is in"

 "Thank you so much for your help via email to correct my rotor problem (rebuilt customers Ham 2 rotor and customer purchased a rebuilt Ham 2 control)  I tried your recommendation to push the calibrate button (and exit calibrate mode and return to operate mode to allow meter needle to track rotor movement) and the problem went away. It is rare now days to find an organization that gives you top notch professional service every time..." Larry WB6MVK

"I got the rebuilt rotor and hooked up - ready to put the antenna on tomorrow for a test. Just wanted to thank you and tell you that you deserve to be proud of your work. Excellent job. I will not hesitate to give you recommendations..." - Rick W4RP

 "Thank you for sending the T2X exchange rotor as promptly as you did, I got to bench test it, install it and use it in two RTTY contests over the past two -- the T2X plays very well with the DCU-3 controller. - Ben, WB2RHM

"Thank you so much for the speedy shipment. Everything arrived (new CD45 Rotor, control and pre-wired cable for HD TV antenna installation) perfectly. I am so impressed with your service and will recommend you to everyone. My neighbors and friends are really curious abut this free HD TV option...It was wonderful doing business with you." - Robert, Lodi, NJ.

"I wanted to let you know that my order for a rebuilt CD-44 Rotor and Control  arrived in perfect condition and very well packed. I bench tested it and it's working like a new rotor...Thank You for your fast and professional service with my order arriving exactly as promised with a sizable savings over a comparable new rotor."  -Tom KE1JF

"I received the Ham 4 exchange rotor. Thanks for your usual great service. I recommend your business to anyone asking about rotator servicing -- unconditionally! I'd be the first one to raise hell if I didn't get the kind of service I expect, and I try to be the first with a pat on the back when it's earned. It was." - Karl K1KO

"I just wanted to send you and email saying Thank you!  The parts (for AR33)  you sent worked perfectly and whenever I need parts or service on my rotors, you will get my repeat business! Thanks Norms!" - Ray

"I got the check yesterday, regarding the HD73. (Traded in his old HD73-1 rotor and control  after installing the new Ham 4 rotor and control purchased from Norm's Rotor Service) It was more than I expected and certainly easier than selling it privately. Thanx again, pleasure doing business with you." - Roy WB2EOD

"I received the rebuilt ( Ham 3 ) rotor and controller packed well and in great condition. The rotor is now up on my tower, with a Moseley CL-36M 6el beam. The rotor/controller work great; better than new. I like the (BD-189) brake delay upgrade.  I am recently retired and getting back into   ham radio after a 20 year hiatus. Glad to be able to use my old Ham 3 rotor again; originally bought in 1978 as I recall. Your work was excellent and I am very pleased with the outcome." - Jim W0OVM

"Great job, Norm. Very happy with the rotor!" (rebuilt customers HDR300 circa 1982 rotor, control and  supplied custom cable) - Greg WE0D

"Just wanted you to know that I got my rotor  (rebuilt and returned customers Ham IV rotor mfg 1988) back today and hooked it up like you asked me to do and it works GREAT and LOOKS GREAT!!!  I am very impressed with your work and thanks again." - James W5TAP

"Thank you for fast shipping, I got exactly what I wanted (parts for CD 45 II rotor.) Good luck and keep up the good work!"  -Janko S57L

" Installed under Mosley PRO67C3 @ 70 ft and working perfectly. I can't thank you enough for keeping my butt out of the bacon grease on this one. I'm recommending you to anyone who needs rotor work."  -Bill WB2ZKX

" The  (new) Ham 4 (rotor and control) that you sent me is working great!!! I want to thank you for taking the time to talk with me. I've been off the air a few years and am a little rusty. You provide a service to us Hams that is very important and appreciated. I could have bought from brand X for the same price, but want  to support you and what you do. " - Mike W0VV

"Received shipment yesterday (rebuilt Tailtwister T2X rotor with BD-189 brake delay for customer installation in his control unit) and checked everything out today. You do a wonderful job. Thank You." - Warren W5YJC

"Just received my BD-189  ( brake delay ) in the mail today. Unit was installed in less than 20 min with the easy instructions. Thank you." - Renald VA2RP

"The ring gear arrived safely yesterday...thanks again mate...your excellent service is much appreciated and I will certainly recommend your company to others around here needing rotor parts or rotator repair." -Dave VA7DB

"Tailtwister T2X (originally mfg in 1988) arrived on 6/5/09 - When I opened the box I was Astonished, I thought you sent someone else's rotor to me. It looks brand-spanking-new and works great !!! You did a fine job plus outstanding workmanship. I put the word out to the radio clubs in the area about your Excellent service. Keep up the FB job..." Tnx Ray W2RM

"Today I finished off the project. The rebuilt Ham 3 rotator is up on the top of the tower and works fine all the way from the shack 240 ft. away (with rebuilt Ham 3 control.) Now I can finally enjoy it on the air.  I don't think I would have gotten the same kind of personal attention you gave me on my installation, from other vendors or manufacturers.  That extra customer care is a big reason I decided to buy from you. Thanks again for your help. "  - 73 Wayne, W0ZW

"The very well packed new Alliance U100 rotor that I had ordered arrived late last week in great shape.  I hooked it up to my 40-year old U100 control box and the two units sync'd up nicely like they were old friends.   The rotor is now installed up on the roof and is working fine.  I really appreciate that you sell the indoor and outdoor halves of the system separately so purchasing a second control box wasn't necessary.  Many thanks." Ray in NH.

"My CDE Ham III with controller served me well since being put into service at the end of July of 1978. It was inside of a 50 foot Rohn 25, and turning a Cushcraft ATB34 tribander. I took a 15-year hiatus in 1993 from amateur radio mainly because of a few reasons, and one of them was what I heard on the bands that wasn't too good. I was then, and still are a DXer - there lies my sole interest.

I caught the 'bug' again around the summer of 2007, and became active late December of 2007. The ATB34 had been literary falling apart with various pieces scattered throughout the back yard. I had no clue how the Ham III was or would it turn the remains of the tri-bander - as I already disconnected, and packed the C/U safely away. In September 2008, I joined a DX and Contest Club here, and found someone that would help me strip the tower of its 'clothing' so I could entirely revamp it. When my ham friend who is an excellent tower climber did all of the tower work, and I was the ground crew of one, we looked carefully at the rotor. The medium grey paint was pretty pathetic looking, the bottom terminal strip screws were rusted, and so on. The first thing that came to mind was that I would have to purchase a brand new rotor, and so I considered the Ham IV. The price I saw in various catalogs gave me a rude awakening to say the least. Terry suggested that I contact Norm of Norm's Rotor Service, and said that he is the best there is! 

If memory serves me correctly, I first e-mailed Norm, asked him a few general questions, then asked him if I could call him. I called and he answered the phone, so we spoke about the rotor for a considerable amount of time. Norm did not once rush me with my questions, nor did he give me the impression that they were boring to him. He took a great interest in my concerns, and questions and not only answering them, but also providing full elaboration without any intervention - I was very impressed. To me, this spoke very highly of his caring customer service, and providing the customer both professionalism, and knowledge. In this day and age where customer service is an afterthought with so many companies, it's very refreshing to find someone such as Norm that cares deeply for the customer, but also the knowledge he gladly shares with them. Norm and myself spoke about how to package the rotor and controller safely, and I mentioned to him that I'd like to have it rebuilt and not swapped out with another newly rebuilt unit, because mine has a sentimental value. I wanted the five-second-brake delay installed in the C/U because I made mistakes by releasing the brake while the beam was still turning - during the heat of the battle working a New One. Also, he offered a LED bulb replacement for the direction indicator, which is nice and will last a very long time. I've worked and confirmed over 300 countries employing that Ham III and the ATB34. He kindly granted by my wishes about rebuilding the supplied original. 

A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail with the invoice from Norm, that was highly detailed with all of the parts that were replaced of both the rotor and C/U. Talk about a professional way to have that in front of you with a full listing of all parts, and their unit cost right in front of you incorporated into a PDF file for printing and record keeping. I called Norm, and provided the credit card information on a Friday, and he shipped it the beginning of the following week. When the package arrived by UPS, I held my breath because everyone knows how UPS manhandles packages, and do their own undocumented 'crash testing.' The outer box arrived in excellent shape (which surprised me), so I started to unbox it. He did a superb job of packing the rotor and C/U, and both pieces were in perfect shape. He used both molded Styrofoam and peanuts, plus bubble-wrapped the hardware! When I removed the bubble-wrap from the rotor, the first thing I noticed that Norm stripped the light grey paint, and repainted it silver. The silver will reflect the heat we have here in Texas a lot better than the grey would have. The rotor looks brand new! I then unboxed the C/U. It was inside of a cardboard box and the C/U was fitted snuggly inside of it so it couldn't move around while it was on the way back to me - such attention to detail Norm provides. 

Removing the top of the C/U, I installed the blue LED bulb. Norm mentioned to me one time when we talked, that the original bulb was the improper rating, so he included the proper one just in case I didn't like the blue LED bulb. I also removed the bottom cover and looked at the 5-second brake delay that Norm had installed. I asked Norm if he had a scrap piece of 8-conductor rotor cable so I could check both units out - he included what looked like to me to be a brand new piece that was on the order of 2 1/2 feet long. After stripping insulation from both ends, I hooked each end of the cable up to their respective place. After turning on the C/U, I looked at the blue LED bulb and liked it immediately. The intensity is subdued enough for my liking in the ham shack that is kept sort of dark. Being anxious, I tried the brake release and one of the direction switches. Hearing the brake release, then watching the direction meter move, I released both switches and saw the rotation stopped, then after 5 seconds, the brake engaged! This is a wonderful addition that Norm installed, and provides a sigh of relief when I'm hunting for that Rare New One! 

Norm has been rebuilding rotors since 1961, and I feel that his attention to detail, vast experience, professionalism, and customer caring, is something that I feel is very rare in this day and time that we live in. I was fully exposed to all of this, plus more. If the rebuilt rotor and C/U ever required service, and/or I decided on purchasing a new rotor of any type, there would be no question in my mind just who would have my business - Norm’s Rotor Service! Regards” - Gerry WD5AAM

"I wanted to write and thank you for the thoroughly professional repair job on my rotor controller ( HD-73 circa 1971.) My station is now thoroughly operational. " - Curtis KG6AZV

"The rebuilt HD-73 control...arrived today. It was connected and works perfectly. The unit has a 'like new' feel and was what I was hoping for.  After using the rotor exchange program the first time I recommend you whenever I have the chance.  Thanks again." - Andy KA2UQW

"The new  T2X I purchased from you is up and working great.  I wanted to thank you for the check (sent Ham 2 for trade in.) I appreciate your nice credit.  Again thanks for being someone that is nice to buy from." - Don W4DEE

"Two months ago I purchased a new Hy-Gain T2X Tailtwister Rotor/Control and weather station (Davis Vantage Pro 6152 wireless) and it is a wonderful setup. I appreciate your speedy service in shipping the products up here (Alaska.) I REALLY appreciate your candor in discussing what was 'needed' versus 'recommended' by others." - John KL7LL

"The Ham IV (rebuilt Ham 4 sent on the exchange program) arrived today, quite fast, I tested it on the bench, worked perfectly, and I installed by myself.  It was not easy at age 78...but it works up there...and I'm dead tired.  Thanks very much!!!!  73's"  - George WB2AQC

"Just to let you know the rotor  ( CD45-II ) came in today and everything is fine! I will have to say that you do good work...Thanks for the quick service Norm...I am thankful for the job that you do working with Hams out here! We will be back again when needed. 73's" - Bill N5KRP

"Thanks for the fast service. I installed the rotor brake board ( BD-189 ) according to your instructions. The installation went smooth, and I got a 4.5 second delay for the brake engagement. What a great product!" -David K6JHD

"Thank you Norm for your prompt reply and offering to post board to me without delay (purchased T2XX rotor and control with 220 Euro wiring - control damaged in air shipment overseas.) The meter board arrived today and I have replaced and it works great!  I just want to say thank you. You are an excellent business man. Yours gratefully," - Bernie EI6AX

"The Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station...has been up and running for a couple weeks now. It's more fun than the proverbial "barrel of monkeys." I'm learning a lot about the weather patterns here in Lynden, Washington...Just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with the unit, and with the great service I got from you. Your price was the best one around too. Many thanks for everything." - Jim W7DHC

"The meter  MFJ-269 and accessory pack MFJ-98 arrived today. I greatly appreciate all that you have provided ...and will pass your info along to anyone who may ask where to get one. I'd rather have personal care and service than the lowest price and be referred to as a number.73's" - James KD5UJN

"Thanks for the very helpful 'Identifying Your Rotor' page on your website which enabled me to identify the rotor and control I bought 30 years ago.  The rotor model and manufacture date (Series 5 Ham II manufactured July 1976) would have remained a mystery without your page" - 73, Leo VK3BSX

"I received my rebuilt Ham M rotor OK and I now have it installed. I am happy to report the indicator pot is working smooth as silk and the rotor works just fine!  Thanks for doing a good rebuild job. I'll be back to see you in another 39 years! 73," - Merv N6NO

"Thought you'd enjoy seeing the Ham II actually up and doing its life's work. It is working great, thanks for doing such a good job rebuilding it." - Larry WA6KCJ

"I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me. (rebuilt T2X rotor on the exchange program)  I won't forget to remind members of my radio club who to turn to if they have rotor needs. You have been a real blessing to me. Thanks, 73" - Conrad WB3DQD

"Thanks for the good work and nice rotor  (rebuilt Ham 2 and Control with Brake delay) and parts (all Stainless steel mounting hardware) you sent, all as I wanted it. Much appreciated. I had second thoughts about putting this one into the salt air, it's just looking too nice, but now since I know where to get a good rebuild, up she goes tomorrow. Ready for some action and the coming storms (coast of FL). Happy customer!" - Pete AK4BW

"The exchange T2X is working fine - excellent braking, directional accuracy and torque availability to turn my KT34XA antenna - my sincere complements on your repair/exchange service; also may I add kudos on your clear and prompt communications." - Jerry W6ERN

"The ( parts for T2X rotor ) arrived today - thank you for your prompt and efficient service.  Keep up the good work !" - Geoff  VK6XB

"I received my rotor ( rebuilt customer's Ham 2 rotor ) and the new ( supplied correct Ham 2 control customer was missing ) controller you sent yesterday. All I can say is thanks, it looks and operates like a brand new one. I am really impressed with your craftsmanship and customer service." - Mike N7HHC

"The ( HD73 rotor & HD-73 control ) arrived today...whoopee...OUTSTANDING  work. Many thanks for your excellent work and craftsmanship. It is indeed a pleasure to get such high quality work for a fair price."  - Paul W6VPS

"Just wanted to let you know the rotor arrived in good shape yesterday afternoon.  The units  ( CD44 rotor and CD-44 control unit ) look just like new and I am very pleased. Thanks very much for the very good work. Am very glad that we were able to get with you from a fellow ham on our Navy Amateur Radio net." - Jim WB8AWM

"Yesterday we received the 'new rotor' ( rebuilt their Ham 2 rotor ) It looks like a new one!!! Great work - and the rotor works also great. With best wishes for your business." - Gerd and Janni  DL1VWR and DL2VWR

"I appreciate all your help. You made our job easier with good advice and assistance. (New T2X rotor and new T2X control with pre-wired heavy duty rotor cable for open the box complete plug-n-play installation.) Please add my name and call to your list of satisfied customers! 73's" - Roy K4HGX

"Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks! I couldn't be more pleased with the rotor (rebuilt his Ham 4 rotor and Ham IV control ; added BD-189 brake delay ). Everything works fine, as advertised. Thank your for your fine craftsmanship. Regards to you & your staff." - Greg KQ3DX

"Just wanted to thank you again for all of your personal help in getting my antenna ( rebuilt Ham 4 control and BD-189 brake delay ) set back up and running since Katrina. I received the Brake Delay ( BD-189 )...and in 15 minutes it was installed and working like a champ!!! Should have done it 20 years ago -- don't have to think and count seconds in my old head anymore!!!  ...73s to you and yours." - Dale K5NQ

" I just received the rotor back ( Ham 2 rebuilt into a Ham 4. ) It is working flawlessly. You truly know the meaning of customer service. I only wish companies here in Sweden had the same level of customer service as you offer.  Once again, thank you very much! 73 from Sweden."  - Eskil SM5SRR

"Got the Ham 2 rotor and control back on Friday as promised. Norm, I want to thank you for the superb packing of the rotor and the control box. I checked everything before going up and it worked perfectly. I am glad you put the ( BD-189 ) brake delay in it, nice feature. It handles the Mosley TA53 very well. Nice doing business with a true professional and I look forward to the Ham 2 for another 20+ years. 73 from a happy customer." Mike N9PYS

"Rec'd rotor ( rebuilt Ham 4 ) and control ( rebuilt T2X  with BD-189  brake delay) last night. Thanks for the great service, sure appreciate it! You are number one in my books. 73" - Bruce W4OV

"This is just a short note of thanks for a job well done. (rebuilt T2X rotor, installed Rotor-EZ in customer c/u, pre-wired  new heavy duty rotor control cable, new Ameritron AL-811H, MFJ-269 antenna analyzer, etc.) It's good to know there are still a few competent folks out there that do business the 'old fashioned' way" I wish you the very best, my friend." - Mike N5JNN

"What a pleasure to do business with you! (repaired Alliance U110 control unit) I didn't know it was possible anymore to get quick service & a reasonable rate. Thank you for renewing my faith in my fellow man. Sincerely..." - Ms. Shirley W., Ohio

"I received the invoice for the T2X rotor rebuild yesterday and I was quite surprised. I actually had expected the charge to be a bit more painful. Thank you for the quick turnaround and the good value of your service. Once more, thanx again for your great service." -Barry N2EZS

"I just want to drop a line to tell you that I received the CD-44 rotor and CD44 control unit here around 1 PM, while I was getting my 5 element 6 M beam ready to go up...good timing. By 3 the rotor and beam were up and ready to go...I hooked it up and it works beautiful!!!! Thanks for the nice work you have done.  This is not the first time I've done business with you and certainly won't be the last. Thanks for my brand new old rotor!!!!" -AL W1WDX

"The control working fine now. You've gone far beyond what I expected to get me back in operation (rebuilt his CDE AR-22 rotor and AR22 control unit,)  and I appreciate it very much.  I will buy a new system from you if this ever is beyond repair." - Jimmy in Texas

"The rebuilt Alliance HD-73 rotor is now installed in the tower and performing perfectly! Thanks for your promptness and help." - Haydn ZL2AWI

"The control box ( Alliance U-110 ) arrived yesterday and it works great! Many thanks for restoring it to its proper operation.  I was very impressed by your prompt and courteous service." - Paul, Business Research Analyst, West Virginia University.

"Thanks a lot for a nice job.  My rotor (rebuilt and upgraded a Ham 2 to Ham 3 to handle larger antenna) looks like a new one. As state director I have already passed your web site on, on the Navy Marine Corps Mars nets. GREAT Job!"  -Wally WI4F

"Wow, this rotor ( Ham 3 ) you sent not only looks like brand new but works great too.  Norm, thanks for the great service, it's not often one see this anymore... your service and work are a+++++, 73"  -Joe K0KES

"Just received the Alliance HD73 control box back today. Works great! It never worked so well for me. I've had it about 15 years.  An old ham friend of mine, W1RZH, gave it to me and it was well used then. Thanks again, I'll recommend you to all my hams friends" - Roger W1EM

"I received my  Alliance HD73 rotor and HD-73 control unit and both look great; your workmanship is first class! Thanks" - Peter VE3ADQ

"Just want to thank you for your recent refurb on my Alliance HD73-1 Rotor and HD-73-1 control unit.) It works better than day one and looks like new - great job! Your packaging and shipping were outstanding as well. Thanks again and I'll pass the word to my friends." Fred W2FMB

"My Steppir 2-el Yagi and CD-45II ...(rebuilt CD-45II rotor and custom stealth downtown roof mount) are working great. Thanks. I really enjoy dealing with you and that you share your experience and wisdom." - Larry N6NC

"Many thanks for bringing that old relic of mine (TR44 series 2 rotor and control - circa 1968) back up to snuff-- you know I've had it for no less than 25 years and it was at least 2nd hand when I got it...rotor and control both  work text-book perfect; 100% A-OK... I am very pleased with the performance of my 'new' rotator system, thanks to you!" - Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

"I received my rotor (T2X) back on Monday. It arrived in good shape, and looks beautifully.
I must really compliment you on the way you operate. In particular I value the quick and thorough way in which you have responded to my various e-mails during the process, and also the very informative way your invoice is made out - thank you. Thanks to the good people at my work, shipping and customs clearance went like a breeze also, even though these cost elements add considerably to your otherwise very reasonable price. In summary, dealing with you has been an all-together positive experience for me and I would gladly recommend your services to anybody."
     - Jørn  OZ7GI

"I put up the rebuilt Ham IV rotor I bought from you ...and it is working very well in my Rohn 25G tower turning my rebuilt TH6 beam.  Your brake delay (BD-189) circuit is also working out very well.  I could not be happier. This is my first beam and I am picking up signals that I never knew were there. I just turn the beam  and watch the signals go way up.  Amazing! You run a good service and I really enjoy the new setup."  - Rick KH2DF

"Unit (T2X C/U with digital display) arrived on time and in perfect shape and has been installed.  Thanks for the quick service and turn around. The new display is way cooler than the meter!" - Steve KF2TI

"Just wanted to thank you for the good, fast & reasonable service you performed on my rotor (Alliance HD-73). I received it last week, installed it back on my hazer and now have my beams working again. Very satisfied with your service and I will recommend you to anyone who requires rotor repair service....thanks again"  - Harold  KB4UTC

" Thanks for listening to my initial telephone questions regarding my Tailtwister rotor. Your genuine interest and knowledge really won my loyalty. I'll admit, I did have a look at the "other guys", but will remain committed to NRS after receiving top-notch service. It's obvious that your motto must be "treat others as you'd like to be treated yourself." ... Your advice to use the exchange program...was greatly appreciated. Everything is now working great again, and it was a real pleasure doing business with you!" - Bob W9XY

"Your excellent (T2X) service is appreciated, and thanks." - David ZS1DDK

"I got my rotor (original Ham II rotor and control circa 1977) back yesterday and just wanted to thank you for the excellent job.  The rotor looks just like it came out of the factory!  personally I would rather have a rotor that someone like yourself has overhauled than a new one.  Production line equipment does not get the personal "hands on" work and attention that you give.  Thanks !   - Maynard,  WA4FSC

"I worked the VU4 (Andaman Island) station for my last country in the world, thanks to you in no small way. Due to the tsunami tidal wave that occurred they had to shut down early and if you hadn't gotten me the (Exchange T2X) rotor here so quick, I would not have gotten that last country." - Harold K4AU

"I received the rotor (rebuilt TR-44) yesterday as scheduled. I am very pleased and satisfied with your professional work. Your maximum standard of customer service is way noted and I will spread the word about you to those who are need of your "A+++++++++++++++++................customer service.  I really appreciate your topmost technical service and please continue being a 'Ham serving Hams.'  Thank you." - Pete  N3PV

"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the good work you did on my TailTwister control box. It came back looking good as NEW...I connected everything...and the rotator is working great."  - Eric KC8ZPK

"I got it (rebuilt HD-73 rotor) about 2 pm, installed and working by 4:30. Thanks Norm, very fine job"  - Ken KE6XI

"Rotor and C.U. (rebuilt customers original 1978 CD 44 Rotor and Control) are running fine.  I am glad I found you on the internet.  You were fast, answered all my questions, and I got to do one stop shopping by getting my rotor cable from you as well."  - Harold KC8QMH

"Found Norm's Rotor Service on the web on Saturday and emailed them about some parts I needed. They emailed back on Sunday (yes Sunday!!) and confirmed they had the parts and would ship on payment. I paid that day and Monday they were on their way.  I received the very well packed parts on Wednesday.  Amazing! Email confirmation on every step. It is refreshing to deal with a business with such professionalism. Thank you"  - Larry N6HZG

"It's been a joy dealing with a fine organization like yours. It reminds me of the business ethic of 40 years ago or so.  Any future rotor work I  need or that of anyone that inquires, will be referred to you."  - Spencer  K9KEK

"Thank you so very much for all your help (a complete Ham 2 system), your customer support is unequaled and it shows just how much you enjoy your work.  I take time to learn from the older hams who are willing to pass their knowledge along... You are a great example of the way ham radio should be...I'm sure I will be calling on you in the future."    - Mike W1MIG

"Thanks a lot, Mr. Rotor Master for your help (with my HD-73)... best regards from the Canary  Islands"    - Arsenio EA8AY

"I received my rotor  (CD 44) back today, hooked it up, it works great! Thanks for all you did to it. You do a great job and your pricing is great.    -Chalmers W4JFX

"Thanks for the fast service. The control box (for Heathkit's version of the AR-40) and instructions arrived today in great condition.  Thanks again for excellent service"    -Tom N6AJR

"I have been well pleased with the two T2X jobs you did for me, so the (T2X) Rotor Control box will go out via UPS tomorrow.  Repair as needed and install the BD-189."    -John WA4QMQ

"Your shipment received here (Sweden) today... inland parcels usually take one day more than your delivery from 'the other side of the world.' Yours was delivered in my hand at my doorstep! and all the ordered parts were there.  Well done!"    -73 de Eskil, SM7DMG

"Got my control box (rare TR-44 Series 2) back today. .. installed and working great!  Just wanted to thank you for your services...You have all my rotor work in the future!"     - Steve KC7EVS

"Wowzers, what a nice job you did on my old Ham 4 control box!!!  I didn't think it was mine so I opened it up and there were the bypass caps I had put on years ago...I thought you had sub' ed a new unit on me.  Really like it. Tnx so much for all the work"    -Hud K5ZG

"Thanks for the great service. The (rebuilt Ham IV) control box works great"         -Terry  W6WTG

"I received on schedule and...installed the (rebuilt) T2X and will ship the old one to you tomorrow.  It works great. Thanks for the great service...I always get my rotors from you! I have six and they all came from Norm...tnx"        -Nick W4GKM

"Many thanks for...(building a Ham-4 rotor and Ham-SP control box) works like a charm!"    -Robert WA5JDU      - Larry N5HB

"Thanks for your help with my last T2X rotor which is now back in service and working nicely...a few hundred yards from the sea"        - Dean - 8P6SH, Barbados

" Returning my Ham II rotor on Exchange program... new rotor worked GREAT!"         - Tony K8TG 

" Your rebuilt rotor (HD-73)  was impressive. You had to look closely to tell that it wasn't brand new."        - John T. 

"...installed the rotor (CD-45II) that you sent.  Got it in place and working in time for the contest weekend...  thanks for your very quick service!!...The exchange program is just G R E A T !!!"        - Bruce N8BV

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