limited time internet special $9.95 per roll

Just unwind a length, stretch, and wrap.  It is self adhering and creates a permanent Air-tight, Water-tight seal in seconds curing at room temperature to fuse into one continuous silicone seal.

bullet700 p.s.i. tensile strength
bullet-85 degree to +500 degree  continuous temperature range.
bulletInsulates 8,000 volts per layer.
bulletCreates permanent air-tight, water-tight seal in seconds.
bulletResist oils, acids. solvents, salt water, uv rays
bullet10-20 yr shelf life when store in cool dark place
bulletRemove with a utility knife or scissors and does not get gummy or sticky like electrical tape.
bulletUsed by US military and exceeds military specs for silicone tape.


1.) Wrap tape around connector by stretching and overlapping onto itself.  Stretch at least double to ensure a good bond. For electrical wiring, it is not necessary to stretch tightly.  In fact, it will be more resilient to abrasion when it is not stretched as tightly.

2.) Continue wrapping tape around connector by overlapping 50% onto itself so that 1/2 the width is covered with the next wrap.  The first and last wrap should completely overlap onto the previous wrap for a complete bond.  Additional layers may or may not be necessary, and the same process should be used over the previous layer. 

3.) Repositioning is only appropriate in the first few seconds after wrapping.  Attempting to reposition after 1 minute or longer is not recommended.  Tape is not reusable.


Each roll is 1" x .020 (20mil) x 12'  * available in Black or Clear. REGULAR $14.95 roll

limited time internet special $9.95 per roll



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